Eyebrow and Eyelash

Groomed and beautiful eyebrows have been on the peak of popularity for some years. Neat symmetrical eyebrows can reshape your face, having given to it the perfection. Eyebrows and lashes play a significant role in the makeup; they make your glance more expressive. Different kinds of makeup will correct, when necessary, your eyes shape. If you do not like your natural eyebrows shape or you have unsuccessfully experimented with them, come to us!

Eyebrows frame your face like a frame in painting.

Perfect shape of eyebrows and thick eyelashes will highlight your beauty. In the morning, you will spend less time for makeup and you will always look impressive with eyelashes extension, because they significantly change your glance. The procedure starts with the conversation with a master, in the course of which you will decide on the desired thickness and length of eyelashes. Customized approach to each client allows us to get a desired result. You may trust our masters.

Perfect Eyebrows

For eyebrows, we prepared many interesting things. Our master will choose the optimal shape for your type of face and will correct them respectively. Besides, she will offer you to color them with a matching shade, so they look naturally. Our eyebrow masters will share their secrets of eyebrow care at home, so you could properly care of your eyebrows.

This procedure does not take long time, but the effect lasts for a long time. Groomed neat eyebrows and beautiful eyelashes will transform your glance!

Price list

Eyebrow shape


Eyebrow tint


Eyebrow tint with henna


Biotatuage with henna


Eyelash tint


Eyelash laminating