Facial Treatments

Cosmetology is a kind of magic. How else can you explain the fact that after the first procedure your skin looks distinctively better?

The beauty of your skin depends primarily on how you care of it. For any season you face reacts differently, many problems in the modern world negatively affect our appearance.

Cosmetic procedures maintain skin toned, improve its condition, treat, clean and rejuvenate the skin. A great deal of the newest facial skin care devices, techniques and services are in store for you at our beauty salon.

Cosmetology keeps pace with the world cosmetic brands (Image Cosmetics (Florida), Biologique Recherche France). Cosmetology in our beauty salon is meant not only for women but also for men, as we care of face beauty without regard to gender!


The newest model of LPG device has a number of functions, which can be combined depending on the desired result. LPG-massage is a real breakthrough in cosmetology.

Such massage lifts face contours, makes your skin plump and resilient, diminish prominence of mimic wrinkles, lessens fat depots on face, combats double chin, regulates functioning of oil glands, and decreases swelling.

LPG device executes massage with vacuum and effects all layers of the skin. LPG equipment may be applied to skin of any age and type.

Hydra Facial

HydraFacial MD is a multifunctional equipment with no analogues in cosmetology.

We use the newest model of equipment HydraFacial, which combines several technologies as to care and healing of the skin. The device is equipped with different devices working coupled with vacuum that enables to solve a range of cosmetic problems. HydraFacial heals, rejuvenates, lifts, moisturizes and cleans face skin. The device may be applied to any type and age of skin at any season.

HydraFacial helps to eliminate minor wrinkles, swelling, acnes, scars and stretch marks. This device enables to make your skin beautiful, radiant and groomed.

Remodeling Face Biologique Recherche

Cosmetologists all over the world consider Remodeling Face being the device № 1 that helps to model the face contours. The equipment includes bioelectrotherapy with 3 kinds of current (galvanic, low, medium and high-frequency, pulsating), used as a mix or separately.

We use multifunctional device of the newest model enabling us to eliminate skin imperfections successfully and effectively.

Remodeling Face equipment works in combination with exclusive preparations Biologique Recherche, ensuring best possible effectiveness of procedures and long-term result.

The device rejuvenates, regenerates, improves the quality of skin, corrects face oval, soothes minor wrinkles, activates blood circulation.

Price list

Deep cleansing with steam


Deep cleansing with steam and peel Signature Face Lift


Deep cleansing with steam and peel Acne Lift


Peel Signature Face Lift


Peel Acne Lift


LPG face massage