manicure / pedicure

It is difficult to overestimate the beauty of hands and feet! Neat nails and moisturized skin play a significant role. Hands are considered reflection of any woman – people can judge by them how old you are, what your lifestyle is and how you care of yourself. There are cases when the perfect look can be spoiled by inappropriate manicure or pedicure. But we ensure the high quality of these procedures!

We offer different nail covers: lacquer, gel lacquer, nail polish, acrylic/gel nail extension. In addition, you may get for your hands and legs special SPA-treatment.

About Safety

At our beauty salon, everything is sterile and safe. We know that disinfection at the sterilizer does not help, so all instruments undergo thorough cleaning at the heat oven. Autoclave (high-temperature steam up to 137°С during 20-25 minutes). 

Beauty of Hands and Feet

We will care of your hands and feet beauty, offer many different nail art designs. Our nail masters are always educated on the newest fashion trends as to the nail art. We offer Brazilian manicure, which is very popular now because this is a careful treatment of your hands. If you regularly attend our beauty salon, your hands will always look groomed and stylish. It is worth to remember that besides attending a beauty salon you should care of your hands and feet at home making peeling and spa treatments. 

Price list

Classic manicure with polish


Classic manicure with gel-polish


Classic manicure with gel


SPA manicure


Gel nail extensions


Acryl nail extensions