SPA Treatments

SPA is a complex of procedures and preparations for maintaining and improving of body beauty.

SPA-procedures is a great way for skin care, they clean, moisturize, increase elasticity and resilience, boost weight loss, and remove tension and tiredness.

At our beauty salon SPA-massages are performed by means of newest devices, which do not let you await the result. We use healing and useful preparations for procedures (Natural Spa Factory – collection of natural and beautiful products, which give useful nutrition for skin and body; Biologique Recherche enables to improve skin structure and condition.

The overall mission of all SPA-procedures – improvement of psychological and physical health and support of youth and beauty of body.

LPG терапия Alliance

At our beauty salon, we have LPG Cellu M6® Alliance (France), this device belong to the newest generation, presentation of which took place on 2 June 2017. The procedure with this device is calm, painless and activates natural mechanisms, increases cell metabolism, decreases biological age of tissues and slows down aging processes. Effectiveness and safety of LPG esthetic technologies (weight correction, figure modelling, cellulite treatment, restoration of tissue tension and radiance, correction of scarring changes etc.), approved by scientific researches and practice of leading world clinics.

Наши процедуры

We offer different procedures for body, which can effectively eliminate body imperfections.

Body peeling cleans skin from dead cells due to what skin resurfacing occurs. After this procedure, body becomes smooth, tender and pleasant to touch.

Sea prelude is a great procedure based on sea mud and salt. Perfectly suits to dry skin. Furthermore, this procedure serves as a preparation for the course of weight loss.

Detox (with micronized sea algae) is meant to help get rid of body toxins. After this procedure body becomes more resilient and fresh, wellbeing improves, tiredness and irritability diminish.

Chocolate wrap brings your figure many benefits. The procedure influences the whole body, gives it tempting curves, tones and rejuvenate skin.

FRIGI (cold wrap) is a wrap with soothing extracts from algae. Reduces fat depots on the belly and thighs and sinking down of tissues at the inner surface of thighs and buttock, tiredness and heaviness of legs.

Paraffinotherapy and thalassotherapy – body wrap with paraffin for skin improvement and rejuvenation of body. It can also help your general conditions. 

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