Sugaring is a sugar or caramel substrate epilation. This procedure is considered to be the most safe and painless. Sugar epilation has a range of advantages, including the possibility to execute it at home. Sugaring amazes with its convenience, affordability and endurance. Ancient Egyptian queens Cleopatra and Nefertiti used this kind of hair removal.

Beautiful Body

The substrate is similar to lingering and sticky caramel. Depending on the way of use and a zone of application, it may be half-liquid or hard. Hairs are removed in the same direction as hair grows, after the procedure the risk of their ingrowing is minimal. If we compare sugaring with other kinds of epilation, its application occurs to be more effective. Skin stays smooth up to 3 weeks. If you do this procedure regularly, hairs become thinner and thinner and their growth becomes slower.

Best Alternative

Sugaring has many advantages: natural composition of the substrate, convenience and painlessness of the procedure, gentle skin care, simplicity of epilation at any zone, effect duration up to 3 weeks. In order to prolong the effect, groom your skin correctly after the procedure. Within 24 hours after the session do not attend sauna, bathhouse, gym, and do not use any of deodorants. After a week moisturize processed spots with a cream or body milk, once a week you should scrub these spots – all these measures will prevent the ingrowing of hairs.

If you have sugaring allergy, you need to remove hair by means of laser or wax epilation.

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