Consultations with Plastic Surgeon

Many women and men dream to change something in their appearance or just to make an appointment with plastic surgeon to hear recommendations. Appearance is always essential for people – it provides self-confidence.

For a woman it is important to find a surgeon, whom she could trust and be sure the result will satisfy her. At our beauty salon professional doctors work who can always give you good advice.

Types of Plastic Surgery

There are reconstructive and aesthetic directions in plastic surgery.

Reconstructive invasion is a reconstruction or correction of defects of on-body organs/tissues.

Aesthetic one can help to improve appearance and extend youth.


Consultation with a specialist is a discussion of different issues that concern you. Here a patient has a possibility to express his or her wishes and a reason for the appointment.

A surgeon examines and studies a zone of operative invasion, defining possibilities for operation.

If necessary, the repeated consultation is appointed.

At our beauty salon, you can fully trust our professionals and selected approaches. We apply only effective and approved methods.

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