Wax epilation is one of the best low-traumatic ways to remove unwanted hair from any part of your body. If you want your skin to stay healthy and groomed for a long time, epilation should be made at the beauty salon by professionals. This procedure does not tolerate any inattentiveness.

Epilation for Any Woman

What kind of procedure is wax epilation? Creamy wax is applied with a spatula or roller to the desired part of skin and after the wax hardens it should be cautiously removed by special paper strips together with unwanted hairs. There are several kinds of wax for every type of skin: fat, dry, thin, prone to folliculitis and sensitive.

Amazing Results

For a good result, the length of hair should not be less than 4-5mm. If hairs are longer, then they should be trimmed to the required length, otherwise the procedure will be too painful. Along with wax the upper layer of dead cells is removed, that is why you get a peeling effect.

Price list

Classic bikini


Full bikini


Full legs


Half legs


Full arms


Half arms