Treatments with Machines

At Beverly Hills Salon, we offer exclusive & rejuvenating treatments with advanced machines for extraordinary results.  

Body Treatments with Machines

You can find body treatments such as Endosphere Therapy, Hydrabath Therapy and Electroporation Therapy.  

Also, discover body treatments with SKEYNDOR which are tailored to address specific body concerns and achieve your desired results. The SKEYNDOR Body Treatments include treatments that aim to remove accumulated fats and cellulite, strength sagging skin and revitalize your skin. Also, you’ll find anti-fatigue therapy using intense hydration and a mud wrap.  

Additionally, we also offer a selection of wrapping treatments aimed at enhancing your experience here at Beverly Hills Beauty. You may choose the relaxing marzipan wrapping treatment or the slimming whiskey swaddling treatment. We also offer scrubbing treatment to further enhance your spa experience.  

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Check out the list below for all treatments with machines – all of which can be booked directly through our website. All you have to do is go to the booking page and then select your preferred Beverly Hills Salon location. After that, you can select your treatment, date and time and you’re done!   

Come experience calmness and relaxation at Beverly Hills Salon and let all your worries fade away.   

Body Treatments with Machines

Endosphere Therapy
Hydrabath Therapy (60 min)



The bubbling green tea wrap is rich in antioxidants and designed to detoxify and keep your skin young.


An arctic plant-wrap which fights water retention and makes your legs feel light and slim again.