Hair care like no other! At Beverly Hills Salon, we believe your hairstyle should reflect your personality. We celebrate individuality and we guarantee that you will leave the salon with the hair you’ve always wanted! Silky, smooth and sexy. We have a simple mission: to give you the best possible hair treatment every single time.  

Hair care and colouring

Our talented team of hairstylists will cater to all your hair needs. We offer a variety of services, from simple haircuts to trendy model cuts – whatever you desire, we can bring to create! Our team is also well-versed in hair color. You can enhance your natural colour, or make a bold statement with a new one! And that’s totally up to you – our colorists are just here to exceed your expectations. We offer half head or full head highlights for short, medium or long hair. You will also find Balayage, Air Touch or Ombre techniques.   


Styling is where your hair truly shines. Our skilled hairstylists are masters at styling your hair for the perfect occasion. Want a quick and effortless blow dry? Glamorous Waves? Or intricate braiding? We have the skills and the perfect team to make all of that happen! From everyday looks to special occasions, you’ll leave this salon looking your best self. And for the women who embrace their unique texture, our Afro curls service will enhance your natural beauty and leave looking absolutely fierce.   

Time to step into Beverly Hills Salon and let our team of hairstylists and colorists transform your hair. Embrace your individuality and femininity and leave with a sense of confidence! Book your appointment today through our online portal and experience premium hair care services in a luxurious space firsthand! 

Haven’t you waited enough?

Hair Care

Hair Cut
Model Haircut
Men's haircut
Kids' haircut (0-12 yr)

Hair Color

Root dyeing
Colour Gloss
Men's Colour Gloss


Half Head
Full head (short/medium hair)
Full head (long hair)


Half Head
Full head (short/medium hair)
Full head (long hair)
Air Touch


Quick dry
Blow dry short hair
Blow dry medium hair
Blow dry long hair
Blow-dry waves/extensions
Iron - straightening
Kids' Wavy Blow Dry-Waves (<12 yr)
Hair Braiding
Evening hair styling
Bridal hair styling
Afro curls

Hair Therapy

Therapy Keune Bond Fusion
Therapy Nashi
Therapy Milkshake
Therapy Botox
Therapy Infinity Aurum (IAU) Lebel
Tokio Inkarami hair treatment