Manicure & pedicure

Our team at Beverly Hills prides itself on providing unparalleled nail care services.  

The classic manicure is a classic for a reason! Our skilled technicians will shape and file your nails and offer you a soothing hand massage and cuticle care. You can opt out for a classic manicure with polish, where you can choose from various high-quality lacquers for an extra touch of style. Also, if you’re looking for even longer lasting results, we offer gel-polish in a wide selection of colours. Our gel polish will stay glossy and chip-free for weeks!   

At our salon we extend our nail care offer to your feet with a classic pedicure! Our professionals will provide you with a luxurious foot soak and heavenly foot massage so all you have to do is sit back and relax. Again, you can opt out for polish options from high-quality lacquers or go for something longer lasting with our gel option for a durable and lustrous finish.  

The little ones are not forgotten either! You can treat your children to our kids’ manicure and pedicure services. With gentle care, their nails are going to be pampered to perfection! In addition to these services, we also offer quick fixes for broken nails and gel nail extensions. We also offer color changes to suit your mood!  

At Beverly Hills Salon, we want to make you feel good and pampered! Book your appointment today through our online portal and experience premium nail care services in a luxurious space firsthand!   


Classic manicure
Classic manicure with polish
Classic manicure with gel-polish
Classic pedicure
Classic pedicure with polish
Classic pedicure with gel-polish
Smart pedicure
Men's manicure
Men's pedicure
Kids' manicure (under 12 у.о.)
Kids' pedicure (under 12 у.о.)
Nail polish - color change
Gel polish - color change
Gel nail correction
Gel nail extension
Fixing of one nail
Manicure and pedicure in four hands